We truly are what we eat. Our food becomes the fuel & building blocks for our bodies.  It affects our mood, how our body looks & feels, how it moves (or doesn’t), as well as the overall health of our bodies.

We want to eat as PURE as we can so that we have a smooth ride through life in this awesome vehicle (our bodies).  It is so much more fun to be cruising through life with a body that is healthy, strong, and running optimally.

The basis of eating PURE is about focusing on real, nourishing, whole foods while avoiding food additives, toxic chemicals, GMOs, etc.  This foundation of healthy eating is universal, but there is not one set food plan that works for everyone.

We are all unique individuals with our own beliefs, traditions, food preferences, food sensitivities, exercise levels, lifestyles and goals.  Therefore, our path may not be the same as someone else’s.

It is important to keep in mind that external appearances do not give the true picture of what someone’s health is.  Someone may be carrying excess weight & otherwise be healthy while someone else that looks “fit” may have underlying health issues.

Healthy, mindful eating isn’t as simple as eating so-called “healthy” foods and avoiding “junk” food.  A calorie is NOT just a calorie.  Everything we consume has a chemical reaction in our body.  It can promote health or disease, release or store excess body fat, improve or worsen health conditions (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, diabetes, inflammation, etc.).

Knowledge is power!  Learning which foods are best for you, as well as what ingredients to choose & which to avoid when grocery shopping and eating out, will empower you to improve your life, your health & your physique!

Our beliefs shape our habits.  Our habits dictate our reality.

What obstacles are you ready to release, to make room for beliefs & habits that will fuel you & allow you to create the reality you desire?

Let’s navigate this healthy, happy journey together!